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How To Successfully Co-Headline

Embarking on the Sleep Can Wait tour, Musicology discusses how to share the duties.

As a vindication of all your hard work, it must have felt good to be picked up by Triple J’s unearthed?

For sure, we had a number of early demos topping the Unearthed charts, so for our new EP to finally make it onto the airwaves was a big step for us. We may or may not have had a couple of beers to celebrate that night.

For those unfamiliar with Admit One how would you describe your sound?

To be honest we can’t really keep up with all the labels these days. Grindcore, easycore,,risecore, sumeriancore, crabcore or goblincore. Aha I would describe it as energetic, fast and Melodic

How did the co headline with Call The Shots (Sleep Can Wait Tour) come about?

Both bands have recently released some really successful material; both bands were overdue for a tour. They are bunch of really cool guys so we thought it makes a lot sense to do it together

Will you be doing a Queens Of The Stoneage / NIN style tour of exchanging headline timeslots throughout the tour?

Yes actually, makes us sounds pretty cool when you put it like that, but they hail from Brisbane and we’re from Melbourne so will be headlining our own cities.

If there is one festival bill you could play on (anywhere in the world) which one would it be and why?

I just saw the ‘Road to Warped Tour’ line-up announced in Alaska, some amazing bands on there, but also you don’t get many chances to dress up like an Eskimo on the Australian tour circuit, Wait maybe I’m thinking of Antarctica? Either way pretty cool

Making the jump from the front of the stage as a punter to being on stage as a performer, what tips did you take away from watching great acts to performing as a great live act?

Don’t get too drunk till after the set

Your video clip Excuses is a very slick one, is this something you guys story boarded and had a clear vision of or a collaborative process with a creative team?

We have a lot of input in everything we do, especially in making music videos, we usually have a lot of stupid ideas we keep insisting on, just turns out the 360 idea turned out to be pretty popular one. The support and feedback we have had to this point has been just overwhelming.

Having toured with some great acts including The Getaway Plan, were any words of wisdom spoken to you that really resonated with you and altered the way you approach your music?

We are really close with those guys and in my opinion they are one of the most professional and talented bands in the country. They are amazing musicians with heaps of experience behind them so obviously you will always take something away from touring with bands like that.

What does music give you that nothing else does?

Instagram followers

How is the rest of 2016 shaping up for you?

We have been writing new music and it’s sounding ridiculously good so far. Looks like there’s no rest for the wicked