clint wilson

Nothin' To Lose

Performing Double Denim, Double Launch to celebrate the release of his new single.

Clint Wilson

Hi Clint and thanks for taking the time out to speak with us at Musicology.

Nothin’ To Lose is an exquisite track with its laid back country vibe and complement of violin and backing vocals. How long has this track been with you or is it a relatively new song?

I started writing the song around the end of October with my friend and guitarist Zach Jacobs. We recorded it in November so it was really new. There was another song we were going to record but we were excited about this one so the other track got pushed to the side for the moment.

Is this an autobiographical piece in reference to having stripped back the superficialities of life and enjoying a cleansed soul purged of what in hindsight is all that is unnecessary?

The track is about a guy who had everything and thought he was happy. But he loses it or gives it all away and finds himself a lot happier living with hardly anything. No stress, not having to deal with negative, toxic people.

In constructing this tune as well as your other tracks, is the environmental setting an important feature in providing a conducive situation for the creative process to strike or inspiration arrives at the oddest of times and places?

I had written down an idea a few weeks earlier “he’s grateful for the nothing that he’s got”. It popped into my head whilst driving one day and thought it fit the song. The rest of the lyrics came from around that.

When it came to recording, did you encounter any unique challenges and conversely any nice surprises?

A nice surprise was we nailed it on the first take. We recorded the track live to tape at Newmarket Studios in North Melbourne. There was a nice warm energy in that take and once we had finished the band said “that’s the one”.

You will be launching the single at the Sooki Lounge alongside Miss May, how did you strike up this acquaintance for this double bill?

I met Miss May at an open mic night about a year ago and she is doing some really cool stuff at the moment. We were talking about what we’re up too in the New Year with music and started planning a launch together. A lady walked past us in double denim and it hit us “Double denim, double launch”. She is also part of the choir in the single.

Do you intend on collaborating with some other local artists for your upcoming LP?

I’ve booked the studio for a few weeks in May to do the album. The last few tracks I’ve written with my guitarist Zach and its been fun and I think we’ve been writing some really cool songs together.