Chuck E Cheese

Exploding into the scene, JULiUS delivers his killa new single.


JULiUS, the moniker for new and emerging Canadian artist is one to keep a close eye on. DEBTication is the debut EP having just dropped as JULiUS lands himself in a high calibre with his lyrical mastery and electro accompaniment.

'Chuck E Cheese’ is the debut single by JULiUS, underpinned by acid jazz beats, subtle keys and gentle horns, this opening track condenses years’ worth of life experience into a matured and well executed embodiment of youth and expansive world view.

Produced by Yukimura the single showcases not just the talents of these two men but also in the wizened choice of working with other producers including Nick Leon and Keyz Da Don to create full bodied EP dripping in passion and vigour.

With a new album in development and follow up singles in the pipeline 2018 is going to be a breakout year for JULiUS and Chuck E Cheese a future classic that will be referred to as a defining start to an epic career.

DEBTication is out now via DK Records.

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